It's also a question of : what do we feel !

For me, color-grading is not only matching shots and scenes, color-grading is also a question of:  what do I feel when watching this !

I always try to create something unique but at the sametime, for me, the first commandment is: get something who belong with the storie and with the original photography. In a way, we can be creative and go deep in the colors and the textures but we should keep it simple and organic.

Rémy De Vlieger
Hours of Color-Grading
Project Completed
01.Best Clients
  • Arte (France)
  • Netflix
  • OCS
  • Les Films du Poisson
  • Itaca Films (Mexico)
  • Paramount Pictures (US)
  • Rouge International (France)
  • Hope Production (France)
  • Sister production (France)
02.Best Directors and DOPs
  • Benoit Delhomme (A.F.C)
  • Jerry Jameson (P.G.A)
  • Sofian El Fani
  • Issa Lopez
  • Luis Sansans (A.M.C)
  • Yann Arthus Bertrand
  • Martin De Chabaneix
  • Alfredo Altamirano (A.M.C)
  • Arnaud Desplechin
  • Isa Lopez
  • Juan Jose Saravia
  • Juan Carlos Gil
  • Léa Fazer
03.Filmography part 1
  •  2022 Detox (Netflix)
  •  2022 En Thérapie (Arte)
  •  2021 Sacha (Arte – RTS)
  •  2020 Couronnes (FR2)
  •  2020 Feminicide (Documentary)
  •  2019 Les Grands (OCS)
  •  2018 Todo Mal
  •  2017 Photocopy
  •  2017 Vuelven
  •  2017 Comme des rois  (Assistant)
  •  2017 Les Trompes de ma mères (Short)
  •  2016 Another World (Short)
04.Filmography part 2
  •  2016 La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal
  •  2016 En moi (Short)
  •  2016 Compadres
  •  2016 Siempre Vuelven
  •  2016 Un Cuento de Circo & A Love Song
  •  2015 Captive
  •  2015 Que viva la música
  •  2014 El comienzo del tiempo
  •  2014 La voz en off
  •  2014 Tout va bien (Documentary)
  •  2013 The Pipers (Short)
  •  2013 Le challat de Tunis
Creating the “look & feel”

The significance of the colorist has increased in the digital era. Advertising, music videos and cinema movies on a digital basis are often processed by colorists to a very large extent. On the one hand it is necessary to adjust the colors and moods of individual scenes which have been shot at different times and places. But color-grading also has an important creative and artistic aspect: the creation of a unique style or a distinctive “look & feel” and achieving the mood desired by the director.

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